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disarm you with a smile ♠

irrashaimase !

Basics ☆ →
Alyssa. 20 years old. Melbourne, Australia. I no longer write in this account; however, I will still be using it to follow other journals/communities.

Music ♫ →
Japanese: lynch./The GazettE/D'espairsRay/-OZ-/Girugamesh
Korean: SHINee/2NE1/Girls Generation/DBSK/JYJ/Super Junior
English: Placebo/A Perfect Circle/City & Colour/Marilyn Manson
etc. etc.

Loves ♥ →
Learning Japanese, reading BL manga, studying psychology, being an overall loser.
(+ you could just read my interests below)

Mood Theme Layout CodeProfile CodeThis journal is friends only. Feel free to add me, but only after you leave a comment! And having something in common is kind of nice, too. ☆
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a perfect circle, afi, alexisonfire, alice hoffman, anime, arby 'n' the chief, awesome hugs, babelfish translations, bernard black, bishounen, black books, black eyeliner, british humour, capslock, chairman kaga's capsicum, chemistry jokes, concerts, correct grammar, d'espairsray, daydreaming, dbz the abridged series, diana wynne-jones, domo-kun, dreams, edgar allen poe, eloquence, fat george the cat, flight of the conchords, food from bread top, french moustaches, friends, friendship, gackt, girugamesh, going for late-night jogs, graphics, guhroogamesh!!!1, haibane-renmei, happiness, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hizumi's choice of jackets, howl's moving castle, i can has cheezburger, ice cream, icons, imagination, indonesian, inside jokes, intellectual conversations, iron chef, j-rock, japan, japanese, junji and hazuki dancing, kingdom hearts, kuroshitsuji, kurt halsey frederiksen, languages, laughing until it hurts, leunig, linkin park, little britain, lives, lolrus, love, lynch., lyrics, macros, magic, manga, maths jokes, melbourne, metaphors, michael leunig, miyavi, monty python, mr darcy, msn, mucc, music, nerding it out, owari nagoya, paramore, photoshop, plastic tree, playing the violin, playstation, poetry, pokemon, princess mononoke, psychology, purikura, quotes, rain, rpg games, secrets, shakespeare, sick puppies, simple things, skinny jeans, sleep, spirited away, starfish, subliminal messages, surprises, sushi, the gazette, tsukasa going skydiving, twatlight, uncyclopedia, vampire knight, versailles, video games, visual kei, vivaldi, warm nights, whiteboard markers, yoshitoshi abe, yu-gi-oh! the abridged series